A Knitterly Gift for the Worthy Knitter – Soakbox

Hands down, the best gift ever is a hand-made gift made with lots and lots of love.  Most knitters are well-known for their generosity and willingness to make things for others.  (This past Christmas I may or may not of turned myself into a martyr and knit several months straight non stop.)

But after all the knitting we do for others and for our own household, our hands would appreciate a gift for themselves.  🙂

Yesterday afternoon Loops shared on their FB Page that they had just received a shipment of these Soakboxes from SoakWash.com and I immediately began to drool.


Image courtesy Loops Knitting via FB

Each Soakbox contains  yummy hand dyed custom yarn by Lorna’s Laces, Handmaid hand creme, Soak Wash wool soak, a unique pattern for fingerless gloves, and finger polish to match the yarn.  Each color has its own corresponding pattern. The 4 Patterns are: Lace Kelly (Teal), Clark Cable (Red), Double Pointe Pink (Pink), and Cuff au Lait (coffee-colored).

All the colors just look so pretty, and the yarn just asks to be petted in only the way a knitter can pet yarn.  From just looking at the picture, I think my favorite would be the Lace Kelly, with Clark Cable coming in a close second.  However I would not mind having all 4 sets just so I can have all 4 patterns.

Each set is priced at $54.99, so this would definitely be a splurge with my current budget.  But, my birthday is coming, so I just might be extra extra patient for the next few weeks and see if I get one of these for a special birthday surprise.  🙂

These are now available locally in Tulsa, OK at Loops South, and should be at Loops Utica soon if they are not already there.  So stop by either store and get a set for yourself or as a gift for your favorite knitter before they are gone!   (I don’t know if they are available online at LoopsKnitting.com, but you can always contact either store via phone and see about placing an order that way. 🙂 )

Until next time – Have a StitchTastic Day!


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