Bags of Fun!

Or.... alternatively titled..... The day I dig WIPs out of hibernation. This year I am determined to clean out or use up a large majority of my yarn stash.  This is inclusive to finishing all of my current knitting projects. This weekend I organized my craft desk and decided to pull out a few of … Continue reading Bags of Fun!

Workbasket Wednesday – Diamond Lace Scarf

I am still working on my Cable Knit Scarf that I featured last week. Although I didn't finish this past weekend like I was really hoping to, I am very close to the last few rows and binding off. Another project I am pulling out of moth balls to really focus on this week is … Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday – Diamond Lace Scarf

Sweet Surprise!

I love surprises, don't you? Today I got an extra special one, and it just made my day. An acquaintance, who is the moderator on the Monthly Dishcloth KnitAlong Yahoo Group, announced that she was preparing to move, needed to clean out her yarn stash, and offered up 5 random skeins of yarn to whomever … Continue reading Sweet Surprise!