On my needles now – Valois Shawl by Alexandra Beck

The weather here in Ok is sweltering (it is summer, I am sure it is sweltering everywhere).  I just finished knitting two baby afghans for belated baby gifts, and the last thing I wanted to knit right now is another heavy project.  But there are only so many dish cloths you can do for summer … Continue reading On my needles now – Valois Shawl by Alexandra Beck

Workbasket Wednesday – Happy First Day of Summer!

It is here at last! Summer!  Although we have been experiencing summer weather for about a month now, summer finally made its appearance on the calendar. I found this oldie on YouTube and had to share! I love Nat King Cole 🙂 The Lazy Crazy Days of Summer - Nat King Cole http://youtu.be/Im8n-BYkCZQ I'm taking … Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday – Happy First Day of Summer!

Finished at last!

The past few months I have been too busy with other areas to do anything knitting wise. Gardening season is in fullswing and every spare minute has been devoted to getting the garden ready and tending it. But now the garden is in daily maintenence mode for a few weeks so that has freed up … Continue reading Finished at last!

What to Knit – “Bloom”

I think it is safe to say that Spring has come early and is here to stay. The temps were mild last night, and we left all the windows open in our home. It was so nice having fresh air all night and hearing the birds this morning was heavenly.. But there is still some … Continue reading What to Knit – “Bloom”

Workbasket Wednesday – Diamond Lace Scarf

I am still working on my Cable Knit Scarf that I featured last week. Although I didn't finish this past weekend like I was really hoping to, I am very close to the last few rows and binding off. Another project I am pulling out of moth balls to really focus on this week is … Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday – Diamond Lace Scarf