Little by Little – Stitch by Stitch

This week all of my knitting time has been devoted to finishing up knitting class project samples.  I finished up the samples for the July - August classes, and I'm really pleased with how cute these projects are. For an advanced knitter, these are not anything spectacular. But for a beginning - intermediate knitting student … Continue reading Little by Little – Stitch by Stitch

Knitting is a journey – enjoy it.

I first picked up two sticks and some string, many many years ago. When I did, My objective was to simply learn how to form the stitches and complete a scarf. I thought I was just starting a new hobby to help pass time and deal with stresses in my life.  I never imagined that … Continue reading Knitting is a journey – enjoy it.

A Little Bit of Lace

Is it really Thursday already?   I thought life was supposed to slow down for the lazy days of summer?   Am I the only one who feels that life has sped up this week? My girls are settling into their summer routine, which is much slower for them since school is out.   But … Continue reading A Little Bit of Lace


This past week we took a much needed vacation.  Like. MUCH NEEDED vacation.    I honestly can not remember a "vacation" that was not spent driving to see inlaws or other extended family. Not that I don't love my in-laws.  But we needed this vacation time for just us.  And we took full advantage of … Continue reading Vacation….