Knitting is a journey – enjoy it.


I first picked up two sticks and some string, many many years ago. When I did, My objective was to simply learn how to form the stitches and complete a scarf.

I thought I was just starting a new hobby to help pass time and deal with stresses in my life.  I never imagined that when I first picked up my first set of needles and cast on my stitches, I would actually be starting a journey.

My simple, and admittedly very ugly, first scarf led to the next project.  Probably a baby blanket or two.   As I went from one project to the next,  I kept learning and becoming more proficient in my knitting.

I read books by past knitting experts (Elizabeth Zimmerman, Maggie Rhighetti, and more).  I read blogs and watched videos by present knitting experts.  As I read each book or blog post, not only did I gain knowledge in knitting, but I also got to know these women through their stories.

And then I connected with other local yarn crafters.  My quest to expand my knitting skills let me to  new acquaintances and friends.

My knitting projects have accompanied me on many journeys, near and far.  They have journeyed with me into the mountains, and across the desert.   My yarn is an almost constant companion.

My knitting has helped to soothe my nerves in stressful times, ease my grief in times of sorrow, channel my happiness in times of joy, and simply be in the moment in times of peace.

While my objective is to still complete a project, I have learned to also slow down and enjoy the process of knitting, and the journey my projects accompany me on.


It’s common for beginning (and more experienced) knitters to be focused solely on the goal of the finished project.

As I teach…… along with the skills and techniques of knitting…. I also to try to convey this one thing to my students………

Don’t rush to simply complete a project.  Enjoy the process of creating the project. Be mindful of where you are and who you are with as you stitch.

Let your needles help connect you with others around you. Deepen relationships you already have, and form new friendships.

Let your needles take you to places you normally would not go. As you expand your knowledge and skills, also expand your physical horizons in the world around you.

Let your yarn catch the memories of your life, the good and the bad, and knit them into your creations.  Let your hopes, dreams, and prayers be woven in with each stitch formed.  Let your finished project be a testament of your experiences and life in the past.

And begin a new project with new optimism and hope for a better future.

Your knitting is your journey.  Enjoy it.

Happy knitting friends.




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