Finally Finished – Classic Socks for my FIL

Yesterday (Saturday) I Finished Off My Version of “The Classic Sock” by
Melissa Morgan-Oakes in “2-at-a-Time Socks”. And I am sharing these here because I am confident that the intended wearer does not follow my knitting blog. (Dad if you are reading this, do me a favor and just act surprised when you get them for Christmas!)

This is the 3rd or 4th pair of 2AAT socks that I have knit from patterns from Melissa’s Book, and I have truly enjoyed knitting them all. But I do have to say I am so happy to have these done, finally!

These were the pair of socks that took back seat to all other projects. Let’s be honest: 9″ of ribbing is not all that appealing or glamorous. Plus, I severely procrastinate when it comes to turning heels. But I finally buckled down and finished them. Much later than the intended target date, but they are finished. (Can I have a cookie?)

I used Online Supersocke 4-fach Vulcano-Color, which I purchased at Get Stitchin’ in Tulsa, OK. This is a lovely yarn that is listed as a Light Fingering on Ravelry.

The label states that it is “Virgin Wool”, which to me means it is not super-wash. However, I did try to felt these in the washer and dryer to make them a tad smaller, and they did not felt. I can’t state for certain that this is a super-wash wool, but my experience is that it did not felt, or if it did it was barely noticeable.

The Color Saturation for this wool is beautiful. I made these for my FIL who loves bright neon Green (not my favorite color), but I loved working with this colorway. Even though the sock is primarily made of ribbing, the colors helped to keep it a little bit interesting. The colors throughout the entire colorway are bright and vibrant, even after 2 wash and dry cycles.

The yarn is a little “coarse” or scratchy to me while working with it. But once it was washed with a good wool wash, it softened up lovely.

Sadly, I do believe this yarn is discontinued, but it can still be found on ETSY and Ebay.

Since I made the these for my FIL, I made the Men’s Medium sock pattern. Every time I tried them on, they were just a little baggy with no negative ease. I didn’t think anything of it, believing that his shoes size was larger than mine.

I was not aware until it was too late that I had the wrong shoe size written down for him. However, once I was to the heel, something in my brain woke up and I asked my husband about his dad’s shoe size. The truth was that his Men’s Shoes Size is comparable to my own Women’s shoe size. I definitely was NOT going to frog 9″ of ribbing and start over, and I chose to plow on and live with the consequences.

Oh well, live and learn! (Note to Self, sneakily confirm the intended wearer’s shoe size before starting socks! HAHA!)

Now that they are finished, I believe it will work out just fine.

They still fit me fine, there is just no negative ease. These can be his lounging around on the couch socks.

I purchased 2 skeins of this yarn to make it easier to do 2AAT. Both socks in the men’s size took just under 110 G of yarn, leaving me with approximately 90g of this fun yarn left. If I can make the time, I will try to use the remaining yarn to stitch a matching light beanie.

So that was my main accomplishment for the week.

What have you finished or completed this week that you have put off doing? Yarn related or NON Yarn Related?

Also, what is one blunder that have you made in your yarn crafting?

Post your answers in the comments below?

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