Bags of Fun!

Or.... alternatively titled..... The day I dig WIPs out of hibernation. This year I am determined to clean out or use up a large majority of my yarn stash.  This is inclusive to finishing all of my current knitting projects. This weekend I organized my craft desk and decided to pull out a few of … Continue reading Bags of Fun!

This Knitter is Nerdy….

At the beginning of the month, I registered for the CYC CIP  Correspondence course.  I have been working whenever I can on my swatches, and now have them all done and blocking.  Yay!  Now all I have to do is finish the written requirements of my course, package it all together, and mail it to … Continue reading This Knitter is Nerdy….

A Knitter I Wish I Knew – Maggie Righetti

This is a rewrite of the post that was scheduled for early this morning.  I don't know what happened to the draft of the original. Being that I am still figuring out WordPress I must have accidentally moved it to trash instead of published it. I apologize the re-write is so tardy, it has been … Continue reading A Knitter I Wish I Knew – Maggie Righetti