Are you Craftsy?

I really enjoy  I am on Ravelry every day, some days in the morning and the afternoon. Ok, so I am addicted to Ravelry.  I love Ravelry because of the pattern database, the forums, and my virtual project notebook that helps me keep my knitting and crocheting projects in order. But Ravelry is dedicated … Continue reading Are you Craftsy?

Weekend Link Love

Today is a beautiful day, thank goodness!  The past week's monsoon washed out the part of the garden I did have planted, and put the grass into super grow mode.   So today, all knitting projects are put on hold to replant seeds and tame the yard. But I have a few links to share … Continue reading Weekend Link Love

A Master Knitter at your Fingertips – Arenda Holladay

One thing I am grateful for about the knitting and crocheting community is how helpful and generous most knitters are.   There are tons of websites (there are a lot, and if the information on these blogs could be weighed I am sure it would be TONS!) that have been devoted to sharing tips and … Continue reading A Master Knitter at your Fingertips – Arenda Holladay