Little by Little – Stitch by Stitch

This week all of my knitting time has been devoted to finishing up knitting class project samples.  I finished up the samples for the July – August classes, and I’m really pleased with how cute these projects are.

For an advanced knitter, these are not anything spectacular. But for a beginning – intermediate knitting student they are great projects.  Each project will offer a little bit more of a challenge, and will still be small and simple enough to not be overwhelming.

Below is the finished sample for the Knit Flower Pot Cover class project.  Isn’t it cute?  Beginning knitting students will learn how to knit in the round with Double Point needles, and will learn how to decrease.

I really did enjoy making this project, and will probably raid my yarn stash to make several in bright and cheerful colors.  I can see giving these as birthday gifts for my friends!DSCN2445

I also finished the project sample for the Knit Cabled Bag class.   This project is to teach beginning knitting students how to do a basic cable stitch.  It’s knit in 3 separate pieces then seamed together.  Which is good, because I needed to practice my seaming skills.

I’m very pleased with the final project.  However this one did take more yarn than recommended, and I was right on with my gauge (the dreaded G word!)  I had to run and purchase 1 more skein, and I was very fortunate to find the same dye lot.


I also created another sample of the The StitchTastic Mug Cardigan for my beginning knitting class project.  I am really excited about this one, because this is for classes I’m still arranging at Get Stitchin’.   (Details are still being ironed out, but they will be on the schedule soon!)

I love getting to teach at the larger, major retail Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts.  But  I will also love teaching at a locally owned store as well.   Each one has their own market and niche, and teaching beginning knitters in each niche will force me to expand my knitting /instructing skills even more.

Even though class samples have been the focus, I did make some progress on my personal knitting as well.

I’m making good progress on the 3rd Lace Medallion  for my Medallion Wrap.


Actually this is my 2nd attempt at this particular one.  The first attempt,  after I switched from DPNs to my Circular, I didn’t realize that I was using size 4 circular when I started on size 6 DPNs.  The difference was noticeable after 10 more rounds, and I ripped it all out. I highly highly highly recommend lifelines!  They would have saved me so much time if I had them.

But I’m happy with how the 2nd attempt is looking.  I should be done by tomorrow, then start on the 4th medallion.  Yipee!

Happy knitting everyone!

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