Workbasket Wednesday – Happy First Day of Summer!

It is here at last! Summer!  Although we have been experiencing summer weather for about a month now, summer finally made its appearance on the calendar. I found this oldie on YouTube and had to share! I love Nat King Cole 🙂

The Lazy Crazy Days of Summer – Nat King Cole

I’m taking these few weeks to be lazy with house chores so  I can catch up on knitting projects and to plan for fall knitting classes.  I finally got pictures of the scarves I finished this past weekend.

This is my Purple Knit Cable Scarf

that I started intending it to be a Christmas present for my mom, and when I didn’t finish in time it became a birthday present for my mom (sorry mom!!).

I love the pattern but I have to honestly say I never want to touch Michael’s Loops & Threads Impeccable Yarn ever again!!!  It is pretty stiff and not fun to knit with, but I have hope that it will soften up after a good washing.

And this is my finished Diamond Lace Scarf  

Isn’t it lovely?  This was knit from ArtYarns Cottonspring. This yarn was a total dream to work with once I got my tension just right.  The pattern is Short Row Lace Shawl by Iris Schreier.  Iris has a real talent for creating original stunning designs.  This one took me a long time, but I wanted to take my time with it to make sure I didn’t have any mistakes.  The diamonds are actually sections of rows knit in short rows, and they form an intricate lace effect.

Now the weather is getting warm already hot, I don’t want to work on any large projects.  So I am going through my Ravelry que and favorites, and knocking out all the littler projects, like dish cloths and hats.

This is my Purple Burst Dishcloth.

The solid section turned out looking blue in this picture, but it is purple! The pattern is Sunburst by Sara Baldwin and is a fun little item to knit up.

I have a favorite spot in my back yard I like to sit in the afternoons to knit with a glass of tea and enjoy the summer garden.

Well… this is what is in my workbasket.  What is in yours?

Until Next time – Have a StitchTastic Day!


2 thoughts on “Workbasket Wednesday – Happy First Day of Summer!

  1. Michelle says:

    Purple, purple, and more purple! I love it! 😀 It’s a bummer the scarf yarn is so displeasing to work with, but at least it looks pretty. Fingers crossed it does well with a good washing!

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