A simple new beginning.

Dear Knitting friends.   It has been a while since I have gotten to chat with you.   I have taken this past year and a half off from blogging, because, well, it was just too much. I started my little blog with the intent of helping others learn to knit, and to share all … Continue reading A simple new beginning.

Workbasket Wednesday – Happy First Day of Summer!

It is here at last! Summer!  Although we have been experiencing summer weather for about a month now, summer finally made its appearance on the calendar. I found this oldie on YouTube and had to share! I love Nat King Cole 🙂 The Lazy Crazy Days of Summer - Nat King Cole http://youtu.be/Im8n-BYkCZQ I'm taking … Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday – Happy First Day of Summer!

Weekend Link Love

Today is a beautiful day, thank goodness!  The past week's monsoon washed out the part of the garden I did have planted, and put the grass into super grow mode.   So today, all knitting projects are put on hold to replant seeds and tame the yard. But I have a few links to share … Continue reading Weekend Link Love

Knitting Around Tulsa

Saturdays are always non stop for me, and today (really yesterday because Saturday ended 10 minutes ago) was no exception.    I don't know how I manage to do it, but I somehow end up with Saturdays full from sunup to sundown.    I think a large part of it is the fact that we … Continue reading Knitting Around Tulsa

A Master Knitter at your Fingertips – Arenda Holladay

One thing I am grateful for about the knitting and crocheting community is how helpful and generous most knitters are.   There are tons of websites (there are a lot, and if the information on these blogs could be weighed I am sure it would be TONS!) that have been devoted to sharing tips and … Continue reading A Master Knitter at your Fingertips – Arenda Holladay

This Knitter is Nerdy….

At the beginning of the month, I registered for the CYC CIP  Correspondence course.  I have been working whenever I can on my swatches, and now have them all done and blocking.  Yay!  Now all I have to do is finish the written requirements of my course, package it all together, and mail it to … Continue reading This Knitter is Nerdy….

Workbasket Wednesday – The StitchTastic Mug Cardigan

The  StitchTastic Mug Cardigan Free Pattern! This week's Workbasket Wednesday comes with a freebie just for you! This week I worked on creating a pattern to go along with my Knitting 101 class. I wanted a pattern where my students could practice all the skills they learned in class, but was a little more creative than … Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday – The StitchTastic Mug Cardigan