On my needles now – Valois Shawl by Alexandra Beck

The weather here in Ok is sweltering (it is summer, I am sure it is sweltering everywhere).  I just finished knitting two baby afghans for belated baby gifts, and the last thing I wanted to knit right now is another heavy project.  But there are only so many dish cloths you can do for summer … Continue reading On my needles now – Valois Shawl by Alexandra Beck

Blue Log Cabin Socks in Progress

My Blue Log Cabin Socks: http://images4.ravelrycache.com/uploads/ThatsStitchTastic/132549596/file0_medium #ravulous

Workbasket Wednesday – Happy First Day of Summer!

It is here at last! Summer!  Although we have been experiencing summer weather for about a month now, summer finally made its appearance on the calendar. I found this oldie on YouTube and had to share! I love Nat King Cole 🙂 The Lazy Crazy Days of Summer - Nat King Cole http://youtu.be/Im8n-BYkCZQ I'm taking … Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday – Happy First Day of Summer!

Thank You!

I started my blog exactly 1 month ago today.  I started my blog not really knowing what I was doing. I am finding that blogging is taking on a whole new life of its own, and it is a lot of fun! I started my blog mainly as an outlet to share my knitting crocheting. … Continue reading Thank You!

Happy Monday Morning!

Today's post is delayed due to the fact that I have a ton of errands to run, so there's no time to sit and be thoughtful. I had a post scheduled, but I guess the great internet monster ate it?? Anyway. I hope you have a great Monday morning. And with that I'll leave you … Continue reading Happy Monday Morning!

Weekend Link Love – St. Paddy’s Weekend

I hope you all are enjoying a beautiful weekend.  In some parts of the world it is still covered with a blanket of beautiful snow.  But here the weather is being unusually warm for this time of year.   Saturdays are not my days off, I rarely get any personal knitting done, and I have … Continue reading Weekend Link Love – St. Paddy’s Weekend

Fixing an oopsie! Cable Stitch Crossed Wrong

Yesterday my girls and I were pretty antsy, and the weather was making for a very warm and beautiful day (albeit pretty windy) so we put up our school books and headed to the park. Naturally I grabbed my knitting bag and a blanket for me. After a short walk I found a nice comfy … Continue reading Fixing an oopsie! Cable Stitch Crossed Wrong


Coffee. Coffee . Cafe Latte. Coffee. To some this might be a sign of an addiction. To me this is the sign of the start to a great day. I just might be in denial though.

Angela Reads

Long long a go, in a town not too far away, I fell in love with sticks, yarn, and all the things you could make with these simple tools. And I owe it all to books. When I was a teenager, I taught myself to Crochet, and then to Knit, using books. I had to. … Continue reading Angela Reads