Bags of Fun!

Or…. alternatively titled….. The day I dig WIPs out of hibernation.

This year I am determined to clean out or use up a large majority of my yarn stash.  This is inclusive to finishing all of my current knitting projects.

This weekend I organized my craft desk and decided to pull out a few of my hibernating WIP to work on this week.  Each of my WIP are organized into project bags to help me keep them ready at hand. Then they were all kept in a storage tub to keep them out of the way.

That wasn’t very handy.

In fact, it was so unhandy most of my projects were “Out of sight… out of mind”.  I wouldn’t be mindful of the current projects I currently have, and would start new projects.

Oh, and of course, because my yarn was tucked away too, I had to buy more yarn to start my new knitting projects. This became a little counter productive to my goal of lessening the stash.

Honestly, most people wouldn’t see a problem with this.  However since my husband has actually mentioned it a few times, I thought it was time to really put a dent in my current projects and my stash.

After pulling all the project bags out and lining them up, I have 6 different projects going at the same time, not including any dishcloths I have going at the moment. I have a nagging feeling that there is one or two more lurking somewhere that I have completely forgotten about, and just have not found.

So here is the list of my current known WIP’s.

Lacy Leafy Baby Afghan


Maedwe Scarf


Cross Stitch Afghan


Medallion Scarf

Sea Waves Bag

Tribulus Shawl – or at least an attempted start.


I definitely have plenty to keep my needles busy. 🙂

I am almost finished with my Maritime Socks, and was working on these during our family Pathfinder night this evening I expect to have them done and washed by later tonight.  These socks have been through a lot of the Pathfinder world with me and my character.  Tonight my socks helped me get through combat with some goblins.


After I finish these socks, my next project I really want to focus on is the Cross Stitch Afghan.  This afghan is for a niece who turns one in July.  She lives in Maine, and I wish we could make the trip ourselves to celebrate her 1st birthday with her.  But we can’t and this afghan will have to go in our stead, and hopefully convey our love.

After all, that is why I knit.  My finished items can make the journeys that we can’t to bring the heartfelt warmth and love we wish we could deliver in person.





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