Beginning BasketWeave Dishcloth

It has been a while since I have typed to you all.  I think I have finally become comfortable with the fact that I have too much going on to try to update here regularly.

But I do have a few exciting things happening that I wanted to share!

This Saturday, September 14th, I will begin teaching again!

My Beginning Knitting 101 class will be at Owl and Drum in Tulsa.  It is a 2 part class.  Saturday September 14th and Saturday September 21st at 11 am – 12:30 pm.

I am so excited and I have been working hard in my scarce, spare time to prepare.

One of the things I have done is write a pattern for a second project for my beginning knitting class: A BasketWeave Cloth for Beginners.

Basketweave Dishcloth1

Photo Courtesy of Owl and Drum 

Some beginners can be intimidated by using the knit stitch and the purl stitch in the same row to create patterns.  Also, they can be a bit intimidated at reading and following a pattern.  This pattern was written to ease beginners into knitting a project that might be a little more complicated, hopefully to give them some confidence!

I just had the pattern tested, thanks to some lovely ladies in the Testing Pool, and the feedback was very positive.  I have not put all the finishing touches, like a nice photo, on the pattern. But I want to share the pattern anyway, because honestly I don’t know when I will get a chance to finish formatting it!  When I do I will update the pattern and the embedded pattern here.

So….  Here is a free pattern for you!  You can preview the pattern below or click on the link for the full version.


Beginning Knitting 101 Basketweave Dishcloth

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