Are you Craftsy?

I really enjoy  I am on Ravelry every day, some days in the morning and the afternoon. Ok, so I am addicted to Ravelry.  I love Ravelry because of the pattern database, the forums, and my virtual project notebook that helps me keep my knitting and crocheting projects in order.

But Ravelry is dedicated to knitting and crocheting patterns and topics.    I mostly knit and crochet, so that is fine with me.  But about once a year I get the urge to bring out my sewing machines and make something sewn.   When I do complete a sewing project I want to show it off, but Ravelry is not the most appropriate place to do that.

Recently I found a new website called Craftsy and so far I am really liking what I see.

Just like Ravelry is a community of knitters and crocheters, Craftsy is a community of crafters of all craft disciplines.     I love how I can use Ravelry to organize my yarn stashes and projects, and it appears that I can do the same with my sewing projects on Crafty.

Also, Craftsy has online classes, some are for free, and some are paid classes.  But if you are wanting to learn a new sewing skill, like quilting, Craftsy would be a great online resource to use.   (If you want to learn to knit or crochet, start here on my site. – wink- 🙂 )

I will mainly be sticking to Ravelry, but will be making a once a week visit to Craftsy as well.

What are your favorite crafting websites?  Share them on your blog and link to your blog below!

Until next time, have a StitchTastic Day!


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