Thank You!

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I started my blog exactly 1 month ago today.  I started my blog not really knowing what I was doing. I am finding that blogging is taking on a whole new life of its own, and it is a lot of fun!

I started my blog mainly as an outlet to share my knitting crocheting. But my end goal for my blog is to morph it into a website that my students can come back to for a 1-click resource.  And what I make available for my students, I want to freely offer to all my readers.  I desire to use this blog to help others in the world of Knitting and Crocheting!

I know growing a blog is a journey, and gaining readers is a little by little process .   But, I already have a few faithful followers out there.  Since I am still new to blogging, and still developing my blogging rhythmic cadence, I don’t pay much attention to stats.  But it is fun to check my reader statistics and see how many visitors I get and all the different parts of the world they are from!

To my few faithful readers out there, I want to say thank you for visiting and coming back!  To my occasional visitors, thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!

This blog and website is here for you.  So…. I am asking for your help with my future posts.

What do you want to see here?  Are there any knitting topics you are interested in? Are you having any stitching problems that a video from me could help you with?  Do you want to see other bloggers, knitters/crocheters featured here?

I’m asking…. what can I help you with?  Please let me know by either posting in the comments below, leaving me a contact me comment, or simply sending me an email!

And again – Thank You!

Until next time, have a StitchTastic Day!


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