Weekend Link Love

Today is a beautiful day, thank goodness!  The past week’s monsoon washed out the part of the garden I did have planted, and put the grass into super grow mode.   So today, all knitting projects are put on hold to replant seeds and tame the yard.

But I have a few links to share with you this weekend. 🙂

The first link is KayRay.org.  KayRay is the blog of Karen Shallenberg.   Karen is a knitter, and a volunteer reader for Librivox.org.   She does not update her blog very often, but her past posts are fun to browse through.

I do some of knitting during our “schooltime” when the girls are busy with independent work.  What that really means is that I knit in spurts of 5-10 minutes throughout the day when my girls don’t actually need mom for anything.  It’s a rare moment.  Indeed.  Some mornings I gain an extra 30 minutes of knitting time by having the girls listen to audio books during read aloud time.

Karen Shallenberg is our favorite audio book reader on Librivox.   You can see a list of all the free audio books she has read and recorded here and subscribe to them via ITunes too!

Right now we are listening to her reading of “This Country of Ours” as part of our history time.   We also listen and listen again to her readings of “Poems Every Child Should Know” and “Swiss Family Robinson

Illustration for an English edition by Harry Rountree (1907)

Truly Myrtle shared her pattern for a free Flower Power Headband Here.

Headbands, Pattern, and Pictures were created by Truly Myrtle. Go visit her page!

These are adorable quick knits, and she made the pattern in three sizes, so you can knit one up for every girl in your family!  Yes I am stitching a few of these up this week.

She also stitches up the cutest knitting bags that are in the shape of shoe boxes.  They hold their shape well, and are easier to tuck on a shelf to store your projects in!  Swing by her page and check them out.

Nadia shared her recipe for Turkey Meatloaf.   I make meatloaf alot, since it is so easy to put together, and does well in the crock pot.  I will be trying this recipe to add a little variety this week. 🙂

What are some of your favorite recent posts?  Share them below!

Until next time, have a StitchTastic Day!


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