Knitting 101: Part 2 – The English Knit Stitch

This is part two of my Knitting 101 video series.   In part 1 I covered creating a slip knot, and the Knitting-On Cast On.   If you are not familiar with either of these I encourage you to go back to Part 1 and watch the videos offered there.

These videos were created for the students of my Knitting 101 class at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts in Tulsa, OK.    My intention was to give all of my students a one click resource they can come back to so they can practice and improve their knitting skills at home, available 24/7.

However I am offering them freely to you here.   I welcome you to follow along with this series, and learn to knit as well!

This first video is a longer more in-depth version, showing the difference between the English and Continental style of knitting, how to hold and tension the yarn in the English/American style, and how to form a Knit Stitch in the English/American Style.

This video is 27 minutes long, and is designed to be more in-depth for those who need a little bit slower pace to firmly grasp the concept.


This video is only approximately 5 minutes long.   This offers a quicker visual review of how to hold and tension the yarn and form the English/American knit stitch.  It is less in-depth, and meant for those who understand the concept but need a quick reminder of how to do it.


PARENTS!!:  While the videos are ok for children to view. Please do not let your children watch my videos or any YouTube video unsupervised.  I can not control the videos that are recommended in the side bar, and I would hate for your child to click on an in-appropriate video out of curiosity.

I hope these videos help you begin your knitting journey!

Until next time, have a StitchTastic Day!


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