Knitting 101: Part 1 – Intro and The Cast On

As an Knitting Instructor in Tulsa, I really enjoy getting to help my students learn a new skill.  I love working with little old ladies one on one, or introducing knitting to a larger mixed group.

It really is a challenge for me.  But I get such a kick out of seeing some one try something new, and the look  on their face when they “get it”.  It is such a satisfied feeling to seeing a new knitter bloom before my eyes.

However, I know that The Knitting 101 class is a fairly intensive class, and there are a few who feel a little overwhelmed.

Some of my students need more help or more review to firmly grasp the concept of knitting with just two sticks and some string.  And it takes a lot of practise to build up the co-ordination and dexterity needed to maneuver the knitting needles to work the yarn properly.

I encourage  my students to retake the Knitting 101 class as many times as necessary to feel comfortable making the knit and purl stitches before moving on to the next class in the series.  However I know that retaking a class multiple times is not always feasible

So I have created  a series of videos for my students to come back to and review so they can practice and build their knitting skills at home.  There will be two versions of videos to cover the same topic.

One video will cover what we learn in class more in-depth at a slower pace.

One video will go at a quicker pace and not be as in-depth. This video will be for those who get the concept mentally but need another visual example to help them along.

While these were intended for my students, I offer them freely here.  You are welcome to follow along and learn to knit!  I will just count you as a bonus student.

In this first video of the series I show how to begin by finding the end of the yarn, making a slip knot, and casting on stitches.

Knitting 101: Part 1 – The Cast On

This next video is much shorter and offers a quicker review of the Knit Cast On Stitch.

The Cast On: Knitting-On

PARENTS!!:  While the videos are ok for children to view. Please do not let your children watch my videos or any YouTube video unsupervised.  I can not control the videos that are recommended in the side bar, and I would hate for your child to click on an in-appropriate video out of curiosity.

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