Workbasket Wednesday – Knit Cable Scarf

Workbasket Wednesday

Every Wednesday I will be showing off a project or two that I have in my workbasket waiting to be finished.  Right now I have quite a few UFOs awaiting attention, which you can see if you visit my Ravelry Project Page.

I’ve determined that I need to get in gear and get current projects finished before I begin anything new.  Nor shall I buy any more yarn until I free up some of my needles now in use.  So each week, I will be showing off projects I enjoy, or revealing projects that have become secret lost souls purposely hidden in the bottom of the pile.   But one by one they will be posted until they are all finished.   And then I will be sharing new projects as they are started and while they are in progress.


This week’s project is a Knit Cable Scarf, worked in Loops and Thread’s Impeccable.  The picture does not do this scarf justice, as it was hastily snapped at McDonald’s during Monday’s lunch break and the only time I had time to think this busy day.

This scarf was intended to be a Christmas present this past year, but it was not finished in time (obviously) and I ended up getting the prospective recipient a store-bought scarf.   I have yet to decide if I am going to keep this scarf for myself when I finish, or if I will give it to the original intended as a birthday present.   (This person shall remain nameless for the time to A) Protect their identity. B) Prevent them from feeling gypped because they were supposed to get a special hand-made item and got a store-bought substitute instead. C) Prevent them from feeling slighted if I choose to keep the scarf myself)

Yes I know that this is a yarn and pattern from Michael’s, I am a Knitting Instructor at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts, and linking to a pattern from a competitor might be considered conflict of interest.  But I picked this project, and bought the yarn, and started the scarf before I became a Knitting Instructor exclusively for JoAnn’s.

That being said.

I am really enjoying knitting this scarf.  There are only 8 rows to this pattern repeat, making it very simple to keep track of the rows, almost a mindless knitting project.  Yet the pattern created is a fun pattern to knit up, and I like watching the cables grow as each pattern repeat is added.  This is a great beginner scarf for some one wanting an easy introduction to cables, or a great almost mindless knitting project for a long car ride, or for Baseball season.

And the yarn seems to be a great yarn for the nominal price.  It is working up really well, and appears to be durable.

Now that I have picked this one up again, I expect to be finished with this scarf within the weekend.

What are some projects that you have been working on and are waiting patiently to be finished? Or what is a newer project that you just started? They can be anything, Knit, Crochet, Sewn, Quilted, Cross Stitch, anything!

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